What Is Commercial Real Estate?

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Commercial property is a property which is used for generating income or for any business activities. It consists of five type of properties such as Office Space, Retail, Leisure, Healthcare and multi-family apartments.

Office Space– This is a space which is used to run any type of business related activities and it can be further classified to different type of classes i.e. A, B and C.

Class A- Best building in terms of quality, infrastructure and location.

Class B- Here buildings are little older and price is not that high as compared to Class A.

Class C- Here building is very older and location is also not desirable.

Retail– This type of commercial property includes retails shops, shopping complex, malls and other type of shops. Industrial properties also come under this category such as warehouses, factories, garages, distribution centres etc.

Leisure– This is the most diversified sector in commercial real estate which includes restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, pubs, cinemas, bars, sports facilities, gyms, clubs etc. As you can see that lot of industries comes under this category and that’s why they employ lot of population of any country.

Healthcare– This sector is evergreen sector and with the changing lifestyle of people the demand for this sector is also increasing, that’s why Healthcare real estate is in high demand in the world. Every country wants a good health infrastructure and the demand for the same will continue to increase.

Multi-Family Apartments– Multi-family properties also knows as apartment complexes are the buildings with more than one rentable space. Multi-family properties consistently generates a strong cash flow every month and it is a less risky investment. With this property your rental portfolio can grow at a very fast pace.

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