Checks Before Investing In Real Estate?

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  1. Purpose of Investment- It is very important to know the exact purpose of investment whether you are looking for personal use or only for investment purpose. When you go for personal use then the decision is driven by utility, location, nearby surroundings and emotions especially if it is your first house. But when it is bought for only investment purpose then emotions and utilities don’t play major role. Before making the final decision for investment there are few things that should be considered properly i.e. proper documentation of property, scope of asset appreciation and foreseeing the market dynamics.
  2. Location- Location plays an important role while investing in property. One should always check whether property is located at prime location, closer to educational institutes and hospitals, economic parks and all these factors should play an important factor while making decisions.
  3. Market Research- Good market research always help buyer’s to take their decisions effectively and quickly. Today is the time of digital media which has made research of homes more easy. Social media platforms give a unique buying experience and influence your buying decisions. It has become very easy for the customers to compare properties basis as per the requirements. It is always advisable to buyers to always check the pros and cons before acquiring any type of property.
  4. Proper Documentation- After acquiring the property buyer should ensure that all the necessary documents have been acquired and should also be aware of their rights which are assured by the government.
  5. RERA Registration- Buyers should check that both developer and real estate consultants/brokers are RERA          registered.
  6. Reputation of Developers- Buyers should always check the reputation and history of developers before buying any  type of property.
  7. Get the deal in writing- Buyers should make ensure that whatever deals they are getting either from broker or  from developer should be in written and properly signed by the respective authorities.
  8. Information on RERA portal- Developer has to upload every details on the portal which includes
  • Approved Layout Plan
  • Title documents and tile reports
  • Commencement Certificate
  • List of common area amenities and facilities provided
  • Building plan sanctioned by authorized authority
  • Agreement and title documents
  • Possession Certificate
  • Litigations, if any
  • Approvals to commence construction

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