Digital Transformation In Real Estate Since COVID-19

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It’s a well-known fact before buying any property or coming for site visits every customer checks the property online and looks for every pros and cons of the property. That’s why it is advisable to have a strong online presence as a realtor.

As a property consultant you can assist your customers for a property tour or 360 degree tour via different mediums i.e. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc. Even customers are changing themselves very fast from traditional method to various digital tools. Few years back real estate industry was dominated by physical meetings but technology has changed everything.

DLF The Camellias Tower View
DLF The Camellias Tower View

Companies around the globe are advancing themselves to become a fully virtual environment. In today’s scenario virtual meetings, webinars, tele-conferencing are the need of hour. The companies are changing themselves at a very fast pace to stay in competition.  

There are lot of benefits for virtual offices which helps you in reducing costs, less maintenance and simultaneously increase profits. Amidst the Covid crisis many companies were able to do good business due to the technology adoption.

In near future there will be surge in usage of technology in real estate industry. Due to the digital transformation, the buying perception for real estate properties in India will going to change a lot. In the coming time, real estate brokers and customers don’t have to sit in front of each other for the closure but this can be done through virtual meetings and other digital applications from the comfort of their home.

With the technology adoption, real estate industry is advancing towards a new era of change.

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