Do you know about Residential Real Estate?

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Residential real estate is an asset which consists of various type of properties such as apartments, builder floors, villas, studio apartments and penthouses. You cannot use residential real estate for any other purposes such as commercial or industrial purposes.

Apartments– These are the multi-storey buildings having more than 10 floors and are mostly found in a gated society.

Builder Floors– These floors are constructed with the concept of Stilt plus 4 floors or 3 floors. Stilt is a place which is used for parking space so that you don’t have to park your car outside the building.

Villas– These are the luxury independent houses. These are low rise constructions that do not exceed two floors.

Studio Apartments– It’s an amalgamation of living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and all these are combined to make a single room. Basically it’s a single room apartments preferred by the bachelors.

Penthouses– It’a an apartment which is located at the top of the building and penthouses are usually costly than other apartments due to the luxury features. India has a very good demand of this type of asset.

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